First Heart Transplant in Odessa

March, 29, 2023

Tonight, a team of doctors from the Heart Institute performed the first heart transplant in the city of Odesa. The patient is a young 44-year-old man from the Mykolaiv region, who has been on the transplant waiting list for more than a year.

Internship of Specialists of the Heart Institute in Germany

March, 25, 2023

Acquaintance with colleagues, exchange of knowledge and experience, study of the latest techniques in cardiac surgery and cardiology, and even heart and lung transplantation on one of the internship days – all this is growth, acquisition of experience and knowledge that doctors will implement at home, in Ukraine, saving life of Ukrainians.

First Heart Transplant in Zhytomyr

March, 20, 2023

Tonight, Prof. Borys Todurov performed a heart transplant in Zhytomyr. We thank the team of doctors of the Heart Institute and the Zhytomyr Regional Hospital. Young girl with a rare fourth blood type received a new heart.

Learning from the Best to Save Lives

February, 5, 2023

In Europe, the trend of cardiac surgery is rapidly developing towards minimal invasiveness. It is nice to realize that this trend is supported by the same quality in Ukraine. Our colleagues returned home with invaluable experience for saving Ukrainian patients and raising the status of our doctors in the international arena.

Heart Transplant by Team of the Heart Institute in Sumy

January, 30, 2023

For the first time, a heart was transplanted in the Sumy hospital. Heart transplantation in Kyiv was not possible due to the fact that the organ could not be delivered to the capital because the ischemic time was too long. Therefore, the entire team of the Heart Institute and the recipient went to Sumy, where the second heart transplant of this year took place.

Heart and Lung Transplant in Lviv

January, 23, 2023

The team of the Heart Institute urgently left for Lviv to perform a heart transplant, while colleagues from Lviv performed lung transplantation from a posthumous donor.

15th Anniversary of the Heart Institute

December, 21, 2022

The birthday of the Heart Institute means 15 years of continuous development, new experience, and innovative opportunities for the sake of saving the lives of our citizens!

A Child After Heart Surgery During Blackout

December, 1, 2022

This is how well 14-year-old David looks and feels, whom Prof. Borys Todurov operated on for the first time 5 years ago, performing an extremely complex operation on a child’s heart, and now having operated on the boy for the second time. This was the same heart surgery during which, resulting from the Russian shelling, the light in the operating room went out for a while.