The First Heart Transplant in Lutsk

June, 20, 2022

The heart was received by the 49-year-old patient from Mykolaiv who moved to Kiev after the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. He had to leave Kyiv for his new heart, because the donor was in Lutsk, and it was not possible to deliver the donor’s heart from there. So, our brigade drove with the patient all night to get to Lutsk as soon as possible.

Kidney Transplantation Started in the Heart Institute

June, 15, 2022

Today was a significant event – for the first time at the Heart Institute, a family kidney transplant was performed: a mother donated a kidney to her 37-year-old son, who had been on dialysis for a long time. At the moment, both mother and son are feeling well, the kidney is working and the patients are undergoing planned postoperative rehabilitation!

Expertise of Ukrainian Cardiac Surgery in Batumi

June, 12, 2022

This visit took place at the invitation of Georgian colleagues and our good friends at the same time.
It was also an additional opportunity to spread information about the war in Ukraine.
The Georgian colleagues understand us better than anyone.

Ilon Musk’s Technologies Help Save Our Patients

May, 10, 2022

Cooperation between the Heart Institute and Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary has been going on for about 10 years and is expressed not only in on-site consultations of our specialists, but also in comprehensive support when there is a need for a collegial decision on difficult patients and operations.

The 10th Congress of EuroELSO in London, UK

May, 9, 2022

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our delegation could not be present in London, but on behalf of the ECMO Center of the SI “HI of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” and the PO “Association of Anesthesiologists, Perfusiologists and Intensive Care Physicians” perfusionist Stepan Maruniak told about our experience ECMO in patients with ARDS caused by COVID-19.

Terrible Consequences of the Russian occupation at the Irpen Branch of the Heart Institute

April, 7, 2022

Unfortunately, the branch of the Heart Institute in Irpen is currently unable to receive patients due to destruction, abuse, and looting by the Russian invaders – the equipment worth millions of hryvnias and recently purchased for the branch was ruthlessly smashed. The premises are almost destroyed and distorted by traces of these non-humans. All that they could not take with them was shot and destructed.