Transplantation in Lutsk

December, 21, 2023

The recipient in critical condition was transported by ambulance. A 46-year-old woman was so close to death that the defibrillator went off 8 times in the past day.

The First Heart Transplant in Kropivnytskyi

December, 9, 2023

A 58-year-old man from the Kyiv region, who suffered from ischemic cardiomyopathy, received a new organ. The patient fought for his life for more than a year, suffered several heart attacks, and was stented. But the condition kept getting worse.

The Heart Institute Team is Always Ready to Gain New Knowledge

December, 7, 2023

Our team has undergone important training in echocardiography, endovascular methods of prosthetic valve replacement (TAVI) and mitral insufficiency correction (mitral clip), implantation of the most modern devices to support ventricles in patients with heart failure (Impella) and participated in the newest methods of aortic pathology correction (Exovasc), heart and liver transplants.

Thematic Seminar on Heart Failure

November, 22, 2023

The main purpose of the event was to discuss controversial aspects of the management of patients with heart failure, in particular, drug therapy and indications for the use of devices and cardiac surgical interventions.

Innovative Surgery at the Heart Institute

November, 17, 2023

The team of cardiac surgeons decided to perform aortic valve prosthetics with aortic root enlargement using the Y-incision method. The operation was successful. An echocardiogram shows an excellent result.

Conference with International Participation MEVI 2023

November, 10, 2023

For the first time in Ukraine, a live online broadcast of aortic valve implantation (TAVI) was held from the operating room of the Heart Institute, during which the team of our clinic implanted the most modern valve of the latest generation, Evolut Pro+ from Medtronic.

Speech by Prof. Borys Todurov at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

November, 10, 2023

We are grateful to Senator Bill Frist, M.D., President of Belmont University Dr. L. Gregory Jones, Dean Thomas F. Frist Jr., College of Medicine, Dr. Morgan Wills, Dr. Anderson Pickard, Dr. Ron Loeppke, Dawn Houston Eck, Peace and Development Foundation Chairman Rostyslav Semikov for their support and help.