Borys Todurov

Director of the Heart Institute, Kiev


Date of birth: 02 Jan 1965, Kiev, Ukraine.

Education: 1987 – graduated from the National Medical University.


Scientific degrees and titles:

MD, PhD, professor, senior consultant in the field of cardiac surgery at Ministry of Health of  Ukraine, Member of  the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Honoured medical doctor of Ukraine.


Professional experience:

2007-present – Director of the Kiev Heart Institute;

2006-2007 – Director of the Kiev Heart Institute of Acute Care;

2003- 2006 – Deputy Director Transplantology Scientific Research;

2000 – Chief of Heart Transplantation,  extracorporal technologies, and biomaterials Program at the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the AMS of  Ukraine;

1999-2000 – acting Head of Transplantation Department;

1997 – Leading Scientist;

1993 – Senior Staff Scientist;

from 1989 – Surgeon;

1987 – Junior Staff Scientist, Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Heart and Vascular Surgery.


Practical Activity:

2000-2007 – four heart transplantation surgeries fulfilled, three of them were successful.

2002 – first in Ukraine thrombectomy of inferior vena cava combined with neurectomy with cardiopulmonary bypass;

2001 – first in Ukraine successful human heart transplantation, what included Ukraine in the list of countries where heart transplantation can be conducted;

2001 – first in Ukraine thoracoscopic surgery of a child with congenital heart disease;

2001 – first in Ukraine Batista surgical procedure (alternative to heart transplantation).


Public activities:

President of public organization “Association of Arrhythmology and Heart Electrophysiology Experts”;

Active member of Association for cardio-vascular surgeons of Ukraine;

Associated Professor of the Department of cardiology and functional diagnostics of the National medical academy of postgraduate education;

Member of Editorial Board of the «Ukrainian Journal of Cardiology» and «Heart Failure Journal»;

Author of 138 manuscripts. Priority positions in his researches concentrate on such matters as:  surgical methods of treatment of heart failure, surgical treatment of pulmonary embolism and reconstructive cardiac operations as an alternative for heart transplantation;

2011 – Winner of the National Annual “Pride of Country 2011” Award in category “Doctor of the year”;

2004 – Winner of the «Honored Medical Worker of Ukraine» Award.


Сharitable mission

June 2014 – present – Active participation in volunteer support of soldiers participating in the Anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine. Headed a team of specialists from the Kiev Heart Institute repeatedly visited the zone of ATO carrying humanitarian aid and evacuating away the wounded soldiers for treatment in Kiev. 40 surgeries for heavily wounded soldiers conducted in the Heart Institute.

2008 – charitable mission in Egypt (15 surgeries of children with congenital heart disease in Cairo);

2006 –  charitable mission in Azerbaijan (6 surgeries of children with congenital heart disease from low-income families);

2005 – charitable mission in Kosovo (3 surgeries of children with congenital heart disease in Pristina);

2005 – first in Ukraine defense of a doctoral thesis on the surgical treatment of tromboembolism of the pulmonary artery;

2002 – charitable mission in Iraq (3 surgeries of children with congenital heart disease in Baghdad);

1999 – charitable mission in Egypt (16 surgeries of children with congenital heart disease in Cairo).