The State of Kuwait Donated Medical Equipment Worth More Than 100 thousand euros to the Heart Institute

October, 11, 2018

On October 11, 2018, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait, His Excellency Dr. Rashid Al-Advani, and the Director of the Heart Institute, Professor Borys Todurov solemnly signed a donation of medical equipment agreement from the State of Kuwait to the Heart Institute, specifically to the Children’s Intensive Care Unit.

The signing procedure was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine and the mass-media.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Ambassador stressed: “The State of Kuwait shares with all you caring for people and therefore today we provide charitable assistance in the form of medical equipment for various needs of the Children’s Intensive Care Unit of the Heart Institute. This joyful event shows how highly the State of Kuwait appreciates the fruitful cooperation with Ukraine and emphasizes our mutual desire to strengthen the friendship between our countries. ”

Professor Todurov thanked for the outstanding assistance from the State of Kuwait and noted that the new, state-of-the-art equipment is an invaluable gift, because getting such devices within a fairly limited budget financing is quite problematic.

Valentina Markevich, representative of PM Olga Bogomolets, also addressed the Ambassador with thanks.

The total cost of the presented medical equipment is over 3 million hryvnias.

This equipment will help save the lives of thousands of the Heart Institute’s patients, especially children.

The following equipment was donated:

– Two ultrasound diagnostic portable systems Clarius;

– Portable color digital ultrasound system UF-760AG;

– Sixteen S100 syringe injection pumps;

– Four DS204 stations that combine 4 infusion pumps; this one is equipped with a light signal function regarding the status of the infusion;

– Two vien viewers VPism – D (P);

– Two needle holders MAYO-HEGAR: coated with tungsten carbide on a straight working surface of 2.8 mm, round knob, for 2-0 threads and smaller ones – 8.75 ”(22 cm);

– Electrocardiograph digital Holter sensor FM-180 with ECG data recording function, 2/3 of the channel with moisture resistance;

– Electrocardiograph FCP-7101 for one channel, with interpretation (50 / 63mm) and standard set of accessories ASE-7100G.

In particular, the unique vien viewers will help make quick and effective injections to young patients due to the precise indication of the location of the child’s miniature veins, this is especially important in critical situations. A portable digital ultrasound system will allow quick diagnostics “on the spot”, without the need to transport the patient to the diagnostic center.