A 26-Year-Old Girl with Malignant Tumors in Her Heart Received a New Heart

December, 9, 2021

A new heart is already beating.
Tonight, doctors from the Heart Institute performed emergency and extremely complex heart transplant surgery. Everything went well.
The recipient is a 26-year-old girl with malignant tumors in the left ventricle and right atrium. The tumors were localized in the heart and did not have time to spread to other organs. However, the tumors grew enough to make themselves felt every day. The girl was looking forward to the transplant – a critical situation in which every day could be decisive. As soon as a suitable donor was found, the heart was immediately transported for emergency surgery.

It was the 25th transplant performed by Prof. Borys Todurov and his team. 15 of them were performed at the Institute, 10 – in other regions of Ukraine.

The Heart Institute’s Team:
Borys Todurov, Gavril Kovtun, Andriy Patola, Maksym Taranov, Mykola Honcharenko, Ihor Khomenko, Anastasia Tyuleneva, Oleksandr Revenko, Anna Melnyk.
Thank you to the doctors and everyone.
Honor and gratitude to the donor’s family for the decision that gave life to another person.

We wish the girl a fast rehabilitation.