Heart transplantation in Lviv

July, 4, 2020

This is the third transplantation in Ukraine in six months. On July 3, 2020, the transplantation was performed by the team of the Heart Institute, Kyiv, headed by Director of the Institute Prof. Borys Todurov. Many thanks to Lviv colleagues led by Oleg Samchuk (Lviv Clinical Ambulance Hospital).

The donor’s heart was received by 57-year-old Victor from the Zhytomyr region (a driver in the past), who once suffered a heart attack. His heart had already tripled, and his ejection fraction was just 15. Only a heart transplant could save him.

On Friday evening, July 3, 2020, the patient was in the Lviv operating room, where he underwent a heart transplant, on Saturday morning he thanked his rescuers, and in the evening of the same day, he was taken by a helicopter of еру State Emergency Service of Ukraine to the Intensive Care Unit of the Heart Institute in Kyiv for further rehabilitation.

❤Sincere and boundless gratitude to the relatives of the patient who gave permission to take organs to save other people (two more men received kidneys).
The team of doctors of the Heart Institute: Borys Todurov, Gavrylo Kovtun, Ihor Kuzmych, Serhiy Sudakevych, Mykola Honcharenko, Oleksandr Postupalsky, Anna Melnyk, Oleksiy Stanishevsky, Natalia Skrypka.