Heart and Kidney Transplants in Lutsk

August, 8, 2022

Transplantation is life-saving! And saving lives is the mission of doctors all day and night, regardless of weekends.
On Saturday, August 6, 2022, our team performed transplantation of hearts and kidneys in Lutsk – in the organ transplantation department of the Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital together with colleagues of this institution.
A 29-year-old young man from Khmelnytskyi received the heart.

Deep condolences and great gratitude to the donor’s family.
The team of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
Heart transplantation – Gavryl Kovtun, Yuriy Spirin, Oleksandr Druzhyna, Oleksandr Revenko, Maksym Goncharenko, Diana Kovalenko.
Kidney transplantation – Mikhail Zagrychuk.