Masterclass of Professor Kalangos (Greece) for Specialists of the Heart Institute

February, 2, 2019

On February 1, 2019, a masterclass of an international level under the leadership of Professor Kalangos (Greece) took place in the walls of the Heart Institute, Kiev. In the conference room there was a live broadcast from the operating room, where the surgery for the elimination of congenital heart disease – an abnormality of Ebstein in an adult patient. Surgical technique, developed by the prominent French surgeon Alan Carpentier, was used to correct the defect.

After a live broadcast from the operating room, a lecture by Professor Kalangos was held, at the end of which each of the participants could ask a question and talk with the professor personally. During such communication, the importance of MRI diagnosis with abstinent abnormality and methodology was emphasized that allows to calculate the size of the right ventricle and, on the basis of this, choose the type of correction.

Professor Kalangos stressed the need to combine the efforts of many countries to improve the treatment of patients with abstinence abnormality. Since this disease is very rare, consistent analysis of this pathology among progressive countries, including Ukraine, is needed to work out the safest treatment method.