Pacemaker Implantation During Pregnancy

August, 20, 2020

A two-chamber pacemaker was implanted in a 28-year-old pregnant patient with a diagnosis of transient AV-blockade of the third degree at the Heart Institute.
Back in 2015, the patient was diagnosed with a first-degree AV blockade. Being at 8 weeks of pregnancy, the patient’s condition worsened, the patient suffered from dizziness, vertigo, general weakness. During the Holter monitoring, a third-degree AV blockade was recorded at the period of dizziness.
An appropriate decision was made and a pacemaker was implanted that will further ensure the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth.

Currently, the expectant mother is feeling well and preparing to be discharged home.

Implantation was performed by Oleksandr Hrytsai, Head of the Heart Rhythm Department, Yevhen Zhytynsky, cardiac surgeon, and Ksenia Golovneva, anesthesiologist. The patient was observed by cardiologist Tatiana Kuchmey.