For the Second Time in 15 Years Heart Transplantation was Conducted in Ukraine

February, 4, 2020

The second heart transplant in 15 years took place in Kovel, Volyn Region of Ukraine !!!
The heart was transplanted by prof. Borys Todurov, Director of the Heart Institute, who arrived to Kovel with the team of the Heart Institute: Gavril Kovtun, Head of Organ and Tissue Transplantation Division; Mykola Goncharenko, Head of Anesthesiology Department; Igor Kuzmich, Head of Intensive Care Unit; Serhiy Sudakelnyk, Serhiy Sudakelnyk Alexander, Alexei Stanishevsky, Natalia Gorbovsk. The Heart Institute’s team worked together with the doctors of the Kovel District Hospital headed by the Chief Doctor of the Hospital Oleg Samchuk.

The patient with a new heart is Svyatoslav Nimchuk, 59 years old. In the past, he was an ambulance driver. He survived two heart attacks, his heart was critically affected, and only a transplant could save him.

The donor was a 42-year-old former military man who died of a stroke. His wife, sister, and mother agreed to donate his organs. Doctors said they didn’t even have to talk about the importance of such a decision for long. The family agreed immediately because they wanted their beloved to continue living after death.

A moment of silence in the operating room honored the memory of the man before taking his organs. The donor’s kidney and heart saved two lives!

“Impossible becomes possible! Another heart transplantation has been conducted in Kovel. Excellent work of a large team of specialists it was. A unique regional hospital shows an example throughout Ukraine,” said Borys Todurov.