The First Heart Transplant in Lutsk

June, 20, 2022

The heart transplant was performed by Prof. Borys Todurov heading a team of doctors of the Heart Institute together with colleagues of the Lutsk Regional Clinical Hospital.
The heart was received by the 49-year-old patient from Mykolaiv who moved to Kiev after the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. He had to leave Kyiv for his new heart, because the donor was in Lutsk, and it was not possible to deliver the donor’s heart from there. So, our brigade drove with the patient all night to get to Lutsk as soon as possible.
Currently, the patient is with a new heart and is feeling well.

Sincere thanks to Oleksandr Dudar, director of the hospital, and all those involved for their cooperation.
Deep condolences and boundless gratitude to the donor’s family!

The Heart Institute’s Team:
Borys Todurov, Maxim Taranov, Vasil Shmirko, Alexander Rudyak, Tatiana Nazarchuk.