Professor Borys Todurov for the fourth time implanted a mechanical heart

November, 20, 2018

On November 21, 2018, another procedure of the implantation of the mechanical heart took place at the Heart Institute, Kyiv. The implantation was carried out by a team of specialists under the lead of the Director of the Institute, Professor Borys Todurov. This is the fourth implantation of mechanical heart in Ukraine and the second one this year. The Heart Institute is the only medical institution in Ukraine in which such operations are conducted, and the Institute’s specialists are trained and certified by the manufacturer of mechanical hearts, the German company Berlin Heart.
The patient is a 41-year-old man from Odesa with severe cardiomyopathy. The implantation of the mechanical heart actually saved the patient’s life and would allow him to wait for a donor heart transplant. Unfortunately, today Ukraine does not see heart transplantation, primarily because of legislative restrictions, and most patients from Ukraine for heart transplantation travel to Minsk, Belarus to a well-known cardiac surgeon, Professor Yuri Ostrovsky.
This time, Professor Ostrovsky specially arrived at the Heart Institute to participate in the implantation of the mechanical heart and to gain valuable experience directly from Professor Todurov.
After the operation, the patient feels much better than before the surgery, and gets used to a new life with a mechanical heart.