Scientific-Practical Conference “Venous Thromboembolism: New Approaches to Diagnostics and Treatment”

September, 13, 2018

On September 13, 2018, in the Kiev Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the first in the new academic year registered scientific-practical conference “Venous Thromboembolism: New Approaches to Diagnostics and Treatment” took place. More than 140 cardiologists, therapists, vascular surgeons, doctors on functional diagnostics and other related specialties from different regions of Ukraine were registered.

The idea of the conference was to discuss current guidelines for the diagnostics and treatment of venous thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, and post-thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension.

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, X-ray Endovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies, Professor Borys Todurov brought in his report the comprehensive treatment of pulmonary embolism thromboembolism. Associate Professor of the Department of Functional Diagnosis L. Tkachenko highlighted modern approaches to the examination and treatment of patients with chronic post-thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. Several reports from the Heart Institute (Andriy Khokhlov, Mykola Stan, Lidia Stetsenko) elaborated on existent standards and problematic aspects of the examination of patients with suspected pulmonary artery thromboembolism at the prehospital and hospital stages. A special attention of the audience was attracted by the report of the invited guest, Professor of the Department of Surgery of the Lviv Medical University Yuri Orel who spoke about the clinical aspects of venous thromboembolism in thrombophilia. A presentation of Borys Todurov’s monograph “Pulmonary Thromboembolism: Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment” was held within the framework of the conference.

The main outcome of the conference was the accents put by the speakers on the algorithms of examination and the real possibilities of treatment of venous thromboembolism and pulmonary embolism in Ukraine.