Second Heart Transplant for a Child in Ukraine Was Performed at the Heart Institute

September, 28, 2021

Today at 14:00 a donor’s heart started to beat in the chest of 12-year-old Margarita. It was her only chance to live. Weakness is all in the past. Ahead, the girl is facing a long and happy life with a healthy heart.

Prof. Borys Todurov, director of the Heart Institute:
“The organ collection together with the helicopter flight took 2.20 minutes. This is a very good result, and it means that we can deliver hearts from a greater distance. ”
The donor is a 38-year-old man from Vinnytsia. Condolences, Honor, and Gratitude to the donor family.

We thank our Vinnytsia colleagues for their cooperation.
Many thanks to the entire team that supported the successful transplant: the helicopter pilots, the National Police, the transplant coordinators, and the entire transplant team.
The Heart Institute team:
Borys Todurov, Gavril Kovtun, Oleg Loskutov, Anton Shpachuk, Andriy Patola, Oleksander Kiryaev, Natalia Kopilchuk, Anna Melnik