Surgery of the Baby Six Hours After Birth

October, 15, 2021

At the Heart Institute, a surgery was performed on the heart of little Maya 6 hours after birth with a diagnosis of critical aortic stenosis. We had known the girl’s mother much earlier, to whom Prof. Borys Todurov implanted an aortic valve prosthesis in 2004.

Our colleagues, specialists in their field, from the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 6, have made considerable efforts to maintain pregnancy and have done everything possible for little Maya to be born. Unfortunately, the girl was diagnosed with the same disease as her mother.
The girl was promptly delivered to our clinic by a coordinated team of the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 6, pediatric resuscitation and pediatric surgeons of the Institute, and the girl was operated immediately upon arrival in the Institute.

An open valvulotomy with plastic surgery of the aortic valve was performed 6 hours after birth. Today, little Maya is already at home, growing up and feeling well.

We express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation to the staff of the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No. 6: Serhiy Tsemashko, director of the institution, and Larysa Semenyuk, deputy director for medical issues.
Team of the Heart Institute: Vasyl Karpenko, Volodymyr Vashkeba, Iryna Galamai, Diana Pokormyako, Serhiy Sudakevich, Oksana Adamenko, Dabizha Darina.