TAVI as a Stage Before Liver Transplantation for Portal Hypertension

October, 20, 2020

On October 19, 2020, at the Heart Institute, Kyiv, the first stage of the endovascular prosthesis of critical aortic valve stenosis (TAVR) was performed in a 56-year-old patient from Kryvyi Rih who was preparing for a liver transplant because of liver cirrhosis.

The operation was performed by the head of the Department of Endovascular Surgery and Angiography Andriy Khokhlov with a team of specialists from the Heart Institute – Mykola Stan, Maksym Shimanko, Oleg Zelenchuk, Yana Antonyuk, Maria Slyubyk, Oleksandr Kyriaev, Lada Kononova.

Transplantation is now possible!