Specialists of the Heart Institute Provided Consultations in Towns of Gostomel, Ozera, Gorenka, Moshchun of Kyiv Region

May, 21, 2022

On May 20 and 21, 2022, Prof. Borys Todurov and the team of specialists of the Heart Institute – Head of the Department of Diagnostics Cardiologist Prof. Olga Epanchintseva, cardiac surgeon, associate professor Oleh Zelenchuk, ultrasound diagnostics specialist Svitlana Sagura – conducted an on-site consultation in the towns of Gostomel, Ozera, Gorenka, and Moshchun of Kyiv Region.

Consultation was provided to 157 adult patients with cardiovascular pathology against a background of post-traumatic stress disorder, including patients with exacerbation of chronic coronary heart disease, critical hypertension and severe cardiac arrhythmias.
In Gostomel and Ozery, patients were examined in family outpatient clinics, and in Moschun and Gorenky – in mobile medical outpatient clinics.

We thank Taras Dumenko, Head of the Military Administration of the Gostomel Town Council, and Olena Yuzvak, Acting Head of the Health Department of the Military Administration of the Gostomel Town Council, for their support in organizing the visit of our specialists. Thanks to joint efforts, local people received the long-awaited and much-needed help.