The First Heart Transplant in Kropivnytskyi

December, 9, 2023

The team of the Heart Institute is expanding the map of transplants in Ukraine and performed the first heart transplant in Kropyvnytskyi with colleagues from the regional hospital.
A 58-year-old man from the Kyiv region, who suffered from ischemic cardiomyopathy, received a new organ. The patient fought for his life for more than a year, suffered several heart attacks, and was stented. But the condition kept getting worse.

His queue for a transplant lasted one year and he waited for it. Currently, the patient is already in the Heart Institute and undergoing rehabilitation. A team of doctors monitors his condition 24/7.

We admire such a zest for life and indomitability. We wish the patient a speedy recovery and hope to record a Christmas video together very soon.
We thank the family of the donor, who decided to give another person a chance at life. Blessed memory and a low bow.

The Heart Institute’s team:
Prof. Borys Todurov, Gavrilo Kovtun, Sofia Chaikovska, Dmytro Loskutov, Serhiy Sudakevych, Mykola Melnyk, David Shabanov, Diana Kovalenko.
Transplant coordinator Anna Melnyk.