Tiny Ukrainian Heart Saved

August, 18, 2022

For Elena from the Rivne region, the long-awaited pregnancy was a joy, but at the 31st week of pregnancy, the doctors of the Rivne regional perinatal center were forced to perform an emergency caesarean section, as the child’s life was under a threat.
The baby was born weighing 1,490 grams. He was in the hospital for 50 days, being on a ventilator.

After some time, it turned out that the open ductus arteriosus, which usually closes during the first days of life, never closed. If it is not closed in time and it is large, the child cannot breathe on his own.
Halyna Kovalyova, the deputy chief physician of the Rivne Regional Perinatal Center, immediately contacted our specialists. Online ultrasound diagnostics was carried out and a decision was made to urgently carry out surgical intervention.

Vasyl Karpenko, Head of the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department of the Heart Institute, cardiologist Volodymyr Vashkeba, cardiologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics Oksana Adamenko, and anesthesiologist Alla Kolch immediately left for Rivne, where the child was operated on the day of their arrival. And the next day, the child began to breathe on his own.
Currently, the boy and the happy parents are doing well.

The team of doctors of the Heart Institute and the Rivne Regional Perinatal Center once again proved themselves at the top and the life of the little Ukrainian was saved.