Mountaineering for the Sake of Life

September, 28, 2019

On September 28, 2019, a momentous event for everyone who has relation to transplantology took place in Ukraine – a group of about thirty Ukrainians with transplanted organs conquered the highest peak of Ukraine – Gorverla.
This extraordinary event was organized by the All-Ukrainian donation platform iDonor and aimed to attract the attention of the society, the authorities and the medical community to the problems of donation in Ukraine.
The heart of the event was, undoubtedly, Irina Zaslavets, the founder and chairman of iDonor, and her efforts, together with other activists, made this action possible. Climbing took about four hours, among the “climbers” were patients with a transplanted heart, kidneys, liver and the like. Certainly, they were accompanied by rescuers and doctors, in particular specialists of the Heart Institute – Head of the Department of Pathology of the Myocardium and Organ and Tissue Transplantation Gavryla Kovtun, Cardiac Surgeon Andriy Patola, Cardiologist Anna Melnyk and Anesthesiologist Yulia Overko.
Emotions overwhelmed all the participants of the ascent, and no doubt the echo of this event will contribute to the development of donation and transplantology in Ukraine.