First School of Hemostasis

February, 1, 2020

January 31 – February 1, 2020, the First School of Hemostasis was held at the Heart Institute, thanks to the cooperation of the Heart Institute, the Odessa National Medical University (ONMU), the Odessa Scientific and Practical Society of Hemostasiologist, Anesthesiologists, and Reanimatologists as well as Medvoice Medical Science and Education Platform.
For two days, the Heart Institute brought together a multidisciplinary audience – anesthesiologists, hemotransfusiologists, cardiologists, surgeons, obstetricians – from all over Ukraine.

Within the framework of the event, workshops were held to study blood clotting parameters in patients of the clinic in real time; interesting contributions from leading experts on the most urgent issues of hemostasis disorders aroused great interest and were followed by lively discussions.

From the Heart Institute, the conference was attended by:
prof. Borys Todurov, Director of the Heart Institute; Andriy Khokhlov, Head of the Department of Angiography and X-ray and Vascular Surgery; Igor Kuzmich, Head of Intensive Care Unit; Yana Antonyuk, anesthesiologist.

THE FIRST SCHOOL OF HEMOSTASIS left unforgettable impressions both for the organizers and the participants.
Special thanks to the organizers of the School: prof. Borys Todurov; prof. Oleg Tarabrin, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of ONMU, Pavel Tarabrin, CEO of Medvoice Medical Science and Education Platform.