Doctors of the Heart Institute Took Part in the 6th Krakow Workshop on Congenital Heart Defects

June, 2, 2019

On May 31 – June 1, 2019, a team of the Heart Institute‘s doctors took part in the 6th Krakow Workshop on Congenital Heart Defects.

The visit took place upon an invitation from the doctor of medicine Tomasz Mrocek and Professor Janusz Skalski. The Ukrainian team included the head of the department Iryna Aksyonova, cardiac surgeons Vadym Sakalov, Dmitry Garbuz and cardiologists Elena Dudko and Tetyana Bilyk.

The main topic of the conference was children’s cardiac surgery. The Ukrainian group was a part of a special delegation, which also included representatives of the United States, Great Britain, and Japan. An excursion at the Jagiellonian University was organized for them as well.