Implantation of the Evolut R 34 Valve

April, 28, 2021

A team of doctors of the Heart Institute implanted an Evolut R valve in an 83-year-old patient with critical aortic stenosis and a gradient on the valve of 120 mm Hg. This is the largest size of prosthesis that currently exists. It is implanted in patients with a “large” anatomy of the aortic ring and coronary sinus, which is quite rare in our population.ї.

Currently, the patient’s condition is satisfactory, he is undergoing rehabilitation and preparing for discharge.
The operational team:
Head of the Department of Angiography and Endovascular Surgery Andriy Khokhlov, Oleg Zelenchuk, Maria Slyubyk, Natalia Ponych-Gorobievska, Yulia Motko, Tetyana Kasapova.