Professional School “Primary and Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention”

October, 14, 2023

On Saturday, October 14, the Heart Institute and the Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine conducted an intramural professional school, “Primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention.” It was attended by 25 cardiologists from all regions of Ukraine, who, on the eve of the school, directly got acquainted with the work of the departments of the Heart Institute. The school was registered by the Testing Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as an event for the continuous professional development of doctors.

The school program included the presentation of aspects of screening, primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In particular, the value of ultrasound examination of blood vessels for screening of cardiovascular pathology was highlighted (Iryna Shkurat). In separate lectures, the priorities of correcting risk factors and ways to achieve blood pressure control (Lilia Tkachenko), methods to prevent heart failure and atrial fibrillation (Olena Onyshchenko, Prof. Oleg Zharinov) were considered. In addition, approaches to using devices to prevent sudden cardiac death were outlined (Yaroslav Skibchyk). The audience’s special attention was attracted by reports on diagnosing aortic stenosis and endovascular aortic valve implantation (Natalia Ponich, Andriy Khokhlov).

The implementation of the scientific program became possible thanks to the efforts of the department heads, leading specialists of the Heart Institute, and departments of the Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine, who prepared original reports and a program for testing trainees to obtain a certificate. The listeners highly appreciated the excellent organization of the event.