Innovative Surgery at the Heart Institute

November, 17, 2023
Why should doctors constantly learn and exchange experience? Because medicine, and especially cardiac surgery, is constantly developing and updating in search of better treatment options for cardiac patients.
Our task is not only to operate, but the most important thing is to provide an opportunity for a full life afterward!
A narrow aortic annulus is a challenging problem in aortic valve surgery. In this anatomical situation, it is impossible to implant a prosthesis of the appropriate size in the patient. The new approach allows the annulus to be effectively enlarged and the appropriate size valve implanted in the patient.
Doctors of the Hear Institute had the opportunity to perform this operation on an anatomical specimen together with the author. As a result, all the small details of the intervention were worked out, which later determined its success.
And so, three weeks later, a patient with severe stenosis of the aortic valve against the background of a narrow annulus was admitted to the Department of Acquired Defects. In the past, the patient suffered from severe concomitant pathology, which greatly complicated the cardiac surgery.
The team of cardiac surgeons decided to perform aortic valve prosthetics with aortic root enlargement using the Y-incision method. The operation was successful. An echocardiogram shows an excellent result. The patient is preparing for discharge.
The Heart Institute’s team:
Cardiac surgeons – Ihor Mokryk, Yuriy Kharenko, Dmytro Garbuz, anesthesiologist Mykola Goncharenko, perfusionist Natalya Lyovina, resuscitators Oleksiy Stanishevskyi and Yevhen Boyarchuk, operating nurse Natalya Skrypka, cardiologist Maria Hassanzadeh.