Kidney Transplantation Started in the Heart Institute

June, 15, 2022

Today was a significant event – for the first time at the Heart Institute, a family kidney transplant was performed: a mother donated a kidney to her 37-year-old son, who had been on dialysis for a long time. At the moment, both mother and son are feeling well, the kidney is working and the patients are undergoing planned postoperative rehabilitation!

The operation was performed by Mykhailo Zagriychuk , head of the recently established Department of Kidney Transplantation and Hemodialysis of the Heart Institute, together with an experienced team of nephrologists, gastroenterologist, and transplant coordinator..

Mykhailo Zaygrychuk noted that the Heart Institute is the national leader in the number of heart transplants, simultaneous successful heart and kidney transplants have been successfully performed here as well. The Institute is fully ready for cadaveric kidney transplants, and all surgical operations are performed on hemodialysis patients what suggests formation of arterio-venous accesses, removal of enlarged parathyroid glands, removal of the gallbladder from laparoscopic access, removal of kidneys in procystosis, etc.

The Heart Institute continues to develop transplantation in Ukraine, no matter what, by uniting our efforts.
So you are advised to ask for help in time and get on the waiting list for a kidney transplant at the Heart Institute.

Contact phone:
+380 98 272 94 05
Mykhailo Zagriychuk