Motivational Lecture by Prof. Borys Todurov at Kyiv Medical University

July, 13, 2021
Young doctors are our future, and it is necessary to invest in the future, especially knowledge.
That is why Prof. Borys Todurov is doing everything possible to share his professional skills with the younger generation of doctors.
On July 13 at the Kyiv Medical University Borys Todurov gave a motivational lecture on the spread of new techniques of cardiac surgery and shared a unique video composition of cases of heart surgery.
Students, entrants, interns, teachers, and practitioners came to listen to the world’s leading cardiac surgeon and those who could not come joined online.
During his speech, Prof. Todurov stressed that he was satisfied with the training of the young generation of doctors and would be happy to share his knowledge with them.
What was the lecture about?
– Activities of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
– Key stages of development of the professional activity;
– A difficult way of formation of transplantology in Ukraine;
– The first operations for the implantation of a mechanical heart;
– What a modern surgeon should be like;
– The future of medicine.
Video of the meeting with Borys Todurov is available here: