Remedial Nephrectomy Was Performed at the Heart Institute

September, 2, 2022

Recently, at the Heart Institute, a patient from Rivne with a diagnosis of polycystic disease with damage to the kidneys and liver underwent remedial nephrectomy – one of the stages of preparing patients with polycystic kidney disease for transplantation.

After all, polycystic kidney disease threatens transplant infection due to cysts, recurrence of pyelonephritis, paranephritis. Remedial staged or one-moment nephrectomy during transplantation is recommended.

The patient suffering from an autosomal dominant type of polycystic disease underwent a remedial nephrectomy.
The patient was on dialysis for more than 9 years. She had multiple cysts in both kidneys with frequent recurrent pyelonephritis. The operation was successful and the patient is currently on the waiting list.