Patients with Donor Hearts Transplanted in Ukraine

August, 19, 2020

Five patients, Vasyl from Zakarpattia, Viktor from Kyiv, Petro from Zhytomyr Region, Vasyl from Chernivtsi, Sviatoslav from Kyiv received donor hearts from December 2019 to August 2020 in Ukraine! Four of them gathered in the Heart Institute recently (the fifth one, Sviatoslav from Kyiv celebrated his daughter’s birthday with his family).
Life goes on!

Borys Todurov and Oleg Samchuk and the teams of doctors of the Heart Institute and the Lviv Clinical Ambulance Hospital deserve the highest appreciation. That was an excellent work of a large team of specialists.
Many thanks to the relatives of the donors.
Special thanks to Irina Zaslavets – Transplantation to be!
On the photo with patients (down right), cardiologist Anna Melnyk, the Heart Institute, is shown with her patients with donor hearts.