Complex, Unique Reconstructive Cardiac Surgery on 13-year-old Boy with Marfan Syndrom

August, 31, 2018

On August 30, 2018, at the Heart Institute, Kyiv, the world-renowned cardiac surgeon, professor Rimantas Benetis, together with cardiac surgeon, Director of the Heart Institute, professor Borys Todurov, conducted a complex surgery (the David procedure) of the reconstruction of the aortic root including correction of the valves’ cusps and replacement of a part of the aorta.

A patient with a rare genetic disease, Marfan’s syndrome, has a height of 195 cm in his 13 years and connective tissue pathology, which manifested itself by the dilatation (pathology) of the aortic root and the ascending aorta, the prolapse of mitral valve openings with significant mitral regurgitation and deformation of the thorax. The surgeons performed a modified David procedure that allowed the patient to retain his aortic valve, after what the mitral valve reconstruction was made. As a result of the surgical treatment, the child could retain his own heart valves.

The operation lasted six hours and was successful. This will enable the child to grow up without a need for other surgeries nor taking special medications for a lifetime.
The treatment was provided by the Heart Institute’s specialists who had a two-week training in the cardiac surgery center headed by Professor Benetis in Lithuania.