Second Heart Transplant at the Heart Institute in 2020

December, 12, 2020

The whole team of the Heart Institute is extremely excited – today another heart transplant took place at the Institute, which was performed flawlessly by the team of the Institute led by Gavril Kovtun – Head of the Human Organ and Tissue Transplant Department, who stood next to Borys Todurov during the first successful heart transplant. years ago and on all subsequent ones.

Thanks to them, a new heart is beating in a 34-year-old man’s chest since midnight. The joy of such an event is enhanced by the fact that this man became a father only a few months ago. For a long time, the patient suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, the heart muscle became increasingly stretched and could no longer pump blood. Therefore, without a transplant, his life was in great danger.

Special thanks to the donor’s family for allowing us to save another life. It was a very difficult and respectable act for them. And thanks to this act, three more people were saved: a 3-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man who had a kidney transplant, as well as a 59-year-old man who had a liver transplant.

Many thanks to colleagues from the Kyiv City Hospital of Emergency Medical Care. The history of Ukrainian transplantology is being written before our eyes and we wish all of us that this history will be long and successful.