This Man Struggled for More Than a Year for His Personal Victory and Achieved It

June, 14, 2023

For over a year, 40-year-old Valentyn fought the disease and waited for his new heart; for over a year, his older brother defended the hearts of Ukrainians, our hearts, in the war. He was by his side during the entire operation, and today the brothers are happy together in the transplant department that this battle in their lives has already been won.

In the terrible times of war, when the enemy takes the lives of both military and civilians, doctors fight for every Ukrainian. The development of transplantology in Ukraine allows hundreds of human lives to be saved every year, and we hope that this number will change to thousands in the future.

Donation is the highest manifestation of humanity, care, and responsibility. We are infinitely grateful to the donor and his family.

The team of the Heart Institute:
Organ procurement team: Gavryl Kovtun, Sofia Chaikovska, Oleksandr Revenko, David Shabanov, Khrystyna Paliga, Yana Bohdanets.

Transplantation team: Gavrilo Kovtun, Oleg Loskutov, Anton Shpachuk, Dmitry Loskutov, Stepan Marunyak, Lyuda Maltseva.

We thank our colleagues from Oleksandrivska Hospital.