Unique development of Borys Todurov for cardiac surgery

August, 4, 2017

A new development of Borys Todurov in conjunction with Ukrainian specialists – the Ukrainian support ring – is applied in the cardiac surgery.
Borys Todurov: “We have been working all year round to develop our first Ukrainian support ring. More than 20 prototypes were made before we achieved the purpose. As a result, we’ve developed a flexible ring with a high coefficient of elasticity equipped with a distinctive dacron bundle, which is not cut through the needle and perfectly slides on the threads. The ring was filed for a patent and has had over 400 cases of clinical use without a single complication.

My idea was realized in finished products in cooperation with Ukrainian technologists, metal physicists, and knitters in less than 14 months. The cost of the ring is twice lower than of the imported one, the quality is an order of magnitude higher. See how it works.”