Endovascular Prosthetics of the Mitral Valve at the Heart Institute

July, 26, 2018

The patient is a 62-year old man with a diagnosis – isolated severe mitral insufficiency. In the presence of concomitant pathology, an open operation was contraindicated.
In the video:
– 3D reconstruction of the mitral valve (MV),
– 3D reconstruction of the MV with the support ring of the prosthesis,
– installation of a denture to the delivery system;
– prosthesis on the delivery system in the mitral valve ring,
– Functional prosthesis MV (3D – reconstruction, ventriculography)
The surgery was performed by a team of doctors (Andriy Maksakov, Maxim Shimanko, Konstantin Boyko, Nikolai Stan, Natalia Ponich-Gorobyevska, Yana Antonyuk, Maria Slyubik), headed by the head of the department of endovascular surgery and angiography Andriy Khokhlov and under the guidance of the developers of the technique of endovascular prosthetics of the mitral valve,  professor Rüdiger Lange and Nicolo Piazza.