Young Girl Received a Kidney Transplant from Her Mother

February, 3, 2023

A charming and very young girl, Alyona, is preparing for discharge from the Heart Institute.
Recently, her mother literally gave her a second life. The girl received a kidney transplant from her mother.

Alyona’s treatment was successful. She got rid of dialysis, is full of strength and energy, and smiles from happiness, and the team at the Heart Institute is happy that they were able to help!

Transplant surgeon Mykhailo Zagrychuk is optimistic about the result and is already waiting for a wedding invitation from a young patient. After all, he is sure that she has a happy and healthy future ahead of her.

However, this is not the only good news. The other day, he performed a kidney transplant on two more patients, and colleagues from the Sumy hospital, where the donor was, helped again. Therefore, our doctors work without boundaries and borders, day and night, with the only great goal – to save the precious life of their patients.